Open Door Clinic at

St. Wilfrid's Church

83 North Dudley Street, Camden, New Jersey 08105

Volunteers monthly provide free health screenings, food, clothing, and hope to the needy of East Camden at St Wilifrid's Church!

What we've been doing

What we've been doing

What we've been doing

On Our Last Events:

  • Life has changed; due to the Coronavirus.  We don't want to transmit or receive the virus from our patrons. 
  • On May 16, we prepared and had available 76 food bags for pick-up .
  • Over the past Saturdays, we have prepared and supplied
  • food bags as follows 
  • March 21   55 bags
  • March 28   61 bags
  • April 4        60 bags
  • April 11      80 bags
  • April 18      60 bags.  
  • April 25      61 bags
  • May  2       70 bags
  • May 9        75 bags  
  • May 16      76 bags  
  • May 23      75 bags
  •   The single need is food.
  • The all volunteer, nobody gets paid, all product donated by volunteer food drive and supply continues..
  • It is always the poor who are ignored.
  • We will attempt to feed the poor, non English speaking and undocumented as long as we have the food.
  • We man the side door with three volunteers to reduce possible exposing and exposure. 
  • It seems so long ago that  Green and Clean Remediation of Burlington Co. remediated all the dirt and mold from the clinic area; we're all clean now.
  • And it seems like a long time ago that our nurses were screening the patrons.  This will pass.
  • Thanks to those who donate food to our food bin at the PATCO side of the Grace Church Parish House.
  • Many thanks to the people making sandwiches that we distribute
  • Thanks to Miriam and her daughter who ordered $419 worth of food for from Target for delivery...WOW


  • Thanks to those who carefully made sandwiches for us to distribute.
  •  Since October 2011, the clinic has provided 3,400 documented health screenings.
  • On May 30, we will be open for food distribution.

  • Sadly, we had a report that homeless Tony has passed.  Tony lived on the open porch of the parish house for many years, and in January after it was torn down, he moved to the 27th Street area.  Sadly, sadly, we will miss Tony.
  • (John 14:2)  In My Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you.  I go to prepare a place for you.  Tony is now living in a mansion; thanks.

What We Need

What we've been doing

What we've been doing


  • We are now hoping to have food available at 4 time our normal rate.
  • We need hard rolls, pasta, spaghetti sauce,  peanut butter, canned tuna and meets; a drop off location is available on the PATCO side of the Parish Hall at Grace Church.
  • Our basis food bags consists of:

              4 cups of rice, 2 cups of dried beans, small

              jar of peanut butter, dried pasta, sauce, 

                tuna, soup and canned vegetables, bread, and extras as they exist

  • Food and basic needs donations - Thank you to Wawa and Panera Bread who continue to be generous but has been cut back.. Many thanks to Dulce in Collingswood, who have "stepped up" to meet our need.
  • We appreciate the support of small bills and gift cards to buy the food we distribute.  Gift cards are great support.
  • We always need Spanish-to-English translators.
  • Our e-mail address is:  
  • Pray for the church: St. Wilfrid's, its strengthening.
  • Pray that we can continue and meet the need for additional food.

Your donation will help

Our Next Open Door Clinic Session

Our Next Open Door Clinic Session


We are an all-volunteer effort with no state, federal, or reimbursement funding.  Any donation you can provide will go straight to those who need our help.
​ We also need funds to keep the heat on this winter and to repair our roof.

Make donations to St. Wilfrid's through

GRACE Episcopal Church.
Click the hearts-in-hands photo that has a link to their on-line d form,  and pick "St. Wilfrid's" from the drop-down menu, or
send us a check

adding a note in the memo line directing your contribution to
​ "St. Wilfrid's Open Door Clinic" that will assure your gift finds us.

Our Next Open Door Clinic Session

Our Next Open Door Clinic Session

Our Next Open Door Clinic Session


  • The Next  Open Door session for food distribution is Saturday, May 30, 2020,,  9:30 AM to 1:00 PM, or maybe a little earlier. .
  • We are exploring social media. Some have found out about our mission on Facebook.
  • ​Love the Lord with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself(Luke 10:27).


  • People are amazed that God's 10 year ALL Volunteer Open Door Clinic has lasted this long.  It is God's grace alone.
  • The clinic remains open because of the support of Grace Church Haddonfield and 1st Presbyterian Church Haddonfield, and our volunteers.
  • Thanks to Lourdes Institute for Wholistic Studies for the many gift cards.
  • ​Stephanie's thesis on the history of St. Wilfrid's and Camden is available on the Dukespace link:    use the blue search box and enter Camden, or St. Wilfrids or Stephanie Fanjul : it is fascinating.
  • Thanks to Penn Medicine Cares for their financial support.
  • Thanks to Comcast Cares for their support.
  • Thanks to Phillies Charities, WaWa, and Panera Bread, Dulce for their support and donations.

  •  We need your prayers.​
    • thanks for Rose, Ana  and Gladys
    • thanks for the physician and nurses 
    • the free clothing table
    • We need helpers with social work and translators.
    • We received many new and good quality clothing from Grace Church-thank you.
    • ​​ Thank you to Panera Bread, WaWa and Dulce in Collingswood, and Uptown Bakeries.: thank you.
  • We need additional nursing assistance.
  • We have had many new volunteers.  Please be patient as we find the right niche for everyone.
  • Thank you nurses. and we could use some help in May; thanks.